8 reasons my Memorial Day weekend in NYC kind of rocked

Tacos in photo are (sadly) smaller than they appear

Tacos in photo are (sadly) smaller than they appear.

Here’s a secret about not leaving the city on a holiday weekend: It’s kind of awesome. Tomorrow, I face the real world but hopefully I won’t forget these joyous moments from a slightly less populous metropolis…

1. Booking a spot at a favorite studio with ease

Noon on ClassPass

Every day at noon on ClassPass

I worked out not once but twice at Exceed Physical Culture (97 Reade St) with the amazing Marianna (whom I had to profusely thank for working during a holiday weekend). I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve gone to Exceed in 2015, a huge drop from my twice-weekly routine last year before the 8:30am classes were discontinued (sob).

But ICYMI, Exceed is debuting a new 8:15am time slot beginning next week! Hopefully those sandbag lunges, wall planks, kettlebell squats et al. made some sort of difference…

2. Catching up with an old friend over tacos

Fish (especially when covered in queso fresco) is totally part of a balanced diet

Fish (especially when covered in queso fresco) is totally healthy.

Met up with my buddy C for the first time in over a year on Saturday at Gotham West Market (600 Eleventh Ave). Decided that I probably deserve a prize for refraining from ordering Genuine Roadside’s delicious chicken sandwich (which contains the words buttermilk battered in its name). Socialness and heart-healthy decisions? #coolpersonhashtag

3. Indulging in ice cream after a zillion samples


Full-fat ice cream FTW

Ample Hills in Brooklyn (especially the Gowanus location, which is basically a higher-end Chuck E. Cheese’s) is a nightmare. Ample Hills at Gotham West is a civilized place where the bored staff can’t feed  you samples quickly enough. (FYI, that’s salted crack caramel atop ooey gooey butter cake.) I interrogated the guy to ask whether I’d get a larger quantity of ice cream in a cup or a cone and he couldn’t answer so he just gave me both.

4. Driving to hard-to-access neighborhoods without a hitch

Vehicles in photo are just as small as they appear

Vehicles in photo are just as small as they appear

You need to get to Red Hook, which is usually a nightmare. But nobody’s in the city so you get a Car2Go! And YOU get a Car2Go! There was no need to deal with cabs or Uber because these clown cars were everywhere on Saturday night.

5. Feasting on plentiful seafood on the waterfront

Brooklyn Crab Royale

Brooklyn Crab Royale

How have I never been to Brooklyn Crab (24 Reed St) before this weekend? There was an hour-long wait but the sunset was really pretty—plus the upper floors overlook the concrete parking lot of the giant Fairway across the street. Lovely.

Pictured: Alaskan king crab, snow crab, Dungeness crab, corn, Maine lobster. Not pictured: two giant margaritas and sizzling butter. YES.

6. Eating more tacos two days later

I piled rice, beans, and salsa on these meager things

I piled rice, beans, and salsa on these meager things

Our plan to devour massive quantities of guacamole was completed at Dos Caminos (675 Hudson St). What to order as an entrée was the harder decision (especially since I’d already had tacos this weekend) but dammit they’re just too delicious!

7. Getting an extra margarita from the waiter

One is better than two

Two is better than one

Still not sure why the waiter almost absentmindedly dropped off a drink “on the house” (poison? cast-off? poisoned cast-off?), but I am not one to turn down free booze—especially since we ditched our original plan to sit outside and people-watch and I was not dehydrating as quickly.

8. Walking along the slightly-less-crowded High Line

Who doesn't like to walk right by their office?

People love this place

Pros: Burned off like five chips and spent time with some friends. Cons: Walked right by my office, where I will be tomorrow. Reality awaits.


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