Uplift + Cyc + Booze + Swag

Cyc, like you're

Cyc, ’cause you’re “psyched”! (Or, you know, cycling.)

So I realized that there’s actually something I love as much as fitness and food: SWAG. I should probably have grown out of this phase like a decade ago, but I’m such a sucker for anything I don’t have to pay for, especially when it’s unexpected…like tonight at the Uplift Studios “triathlon” event with Cyc Fitness.

I attended this same event last year in July so I knew firsthand how fun it is. It starts with a boot camp in Washington Square Park, which for me (as someone who almost always works out indoors) was especially challenging in the very best way. The forecast had called for rain but it was a perfect evening (about 70 degrees) for exercising outdoors.

Uplift cofounder Leanne led a group of us in a circuit-style workout (including jumping jacks, forearm planks, burpees, all types of lunges—you get the gist) that had me sweating almost immediately. (It’s being outdoors, I swear!) And yeah, it’s a little weird to be exercising in such a public space but I’d like to think all the stares were mostly of admiration!

(Ha, I also remember last year, we were advised to bring as little as possible so we could jog from Washington Square Park to Astor Place, but, uh, I may have skipped that this year. Besides, I made a new buddy who I discovered lives in my neighborhood and works near my office. I couldn’t jog—I was bonding with my new best friend!)

Okay, listen. The class with Steph at Cyc Fitness (David Barton Gym, 8 Astor Pl) was freaking amazing. I went regularly last summer when I had “summer Mondays” (sadly, it shan’t be resurrected this year) but stopped going because it’s just a little too far from my office (and there’s a $2 shoe rental fee). But I’m hooked again (and totally jazzed for its second NYC location, much closer to my office in Midtown West, that’s rumored to open this month). I was dripping in sweat, I didn’t have a keypad to distract me, and the different “moves” that are done with the weights (to mimic basketball, swimming, and boxing) are a lot more varied than at some other cycling studios.

Best of all, we participants received all this afterward, courtesy of Cyc Fitness and Fabletics:

Wristband pouch

Wristband pouch

You know, perfect for all the times I go jogging (HAHAHAHA)…

Nadina no-show socks

Nadine no-show socks

Three pairs. I actually find it very hard to shop for socks because I buy ones that are way too thick (Champion) or way too thin (Hanes). Excited for these! And lastly…

Palmer headband

Palmer headband

Do you guys work out with headbands? I only discovered their power recently, and trust me, when you’re not constantly fiddling with your ponytail or pulling your hair behind your ears, your workout is SO much better.

Anyhow, besides the boot camp and cycling class, the evening included a complimentary drink at Sweetwater Social (643 Broadway), located below Bleecker Kitchen, where a few trays of tempura sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo awaited us. I repeat, TEMPURA SWEET POTATO FRIES. Luckily I’m pretty sure the other attendees probably cared about nutrition or something because I 100% ate way more than my fair share, which tasted fantastic with my Ivan Drago cocktail as I opened up about love and life with my newest friends in the city.


I had an amazing fucking evening on so many levels. LIFE IS GOOD.


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