Well+Good: The Sweat Series is back!



Hooray! Well+Good, the premier health/wellness/fitness site in NYC (IMHO, and I’ve been devouring this stuff for years), just announced its summer lineup for its amazing (free!) Sunday morning Sweat Series with Athleta.

Check out the offerings (and sponsors) this season, straight from the Sweat Series site

June 28: Vixen Workout with Meliza Fernandez

  • Bai antioxidant infusions
  • Caudalie Instant Detox Masks
  • Well+Good tote bag
  • Raffle for a $100 Athleta gift card

July 12: Shadowbox with Julie “Jaws” Nelson

  • Daily Harvest smoothies
  • “natural beauty products” (Guess a brand hasn’t been locked down yet?)
  • Well+Good tote bag
  • Raffle for a $100 Athleta gift card

August 16: Y7 Hip-Hop Yoga with Alex Sharry

  • Big T cold-brew tea
  • Bottega Organica Nourishing Body Oil
  • Well+Good tote bag
  • Raffle for a $100 Athleta gift card

I’ve attended a number of these Sweat Series workouts (featuring instructors from Physique 57, Stoked 360, David Romanelli, and Refine Method), and they’re insanely popular. All three of these upcoming hour-long events take place at the Athleta in the Flatiron District (126 Fifth Ave) and begin at 9:30am (doors open at 9am). No sign-up required; they’re first-come, first-served.

Honestly, they’ve gotten a little crazy lately. For the Yoga and Chocolate session, my friend and I arrived at 8:45am and we were the last two admitted: a full 45 minutes before the event officially started! Fortunately, the W+G people are very good about having somebody stand on the line at the cutoff so nobody is wasting their time (although it does suck for the many people who show up only to be apologetically rebuffed). And to be completely honest, although it’s amazing to get a free sneak peek at these fancy workouts, the in-store versions don’t vary too much, as they don’t take place in the actual studio and consist of mostly the same body-weight movements.

So why do I go? ‘Cause I want to win that $100 gift card, plus attendees almost always receive a voucher for a free studio class. Also, weirdly enough, I’ve sort of become friends with random people there by bonding and chatting while waiting for the store to open (haha). Like the time I showed up at 7:15am and was the second person on line—my new friend and I are Fitbit buddies now and have already exchanged emails about the upcoming summer events! Besides, I haven’t been to any of these studios yet (and I’m dying to check out Shadowbox, which a little ClassPass birdie told me should be added soon)…

See you guys there!


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