Sweaty Sunday: SELF, Rego Park, etc.

Samsa at Cheburechnaya in Rego Park

Samsa at Cheburechnaya in Rego Park

Yesterday, I attended SELF’s first-ever Up & Out Studio, which took place both Saturday, June 27, and Sunday, June 28 (before I stuffed my face, obvi). But what is this event? According to the magazine:

Inspired by our new Up & Out editorial feature and taking cues from the #UpNOut social campaign, the first-ever SELF Up & Out Studio hosted in New York City, will offer the hottest classes under one roof—SELF’s. The classes will be taught by the best instructors from around the country, in the largest studio setting. All this with the coolest Up & Out necessities in style, fitness, nutrition, beauty, and more. It’s everything you need to get up and out in the morning!

It was a lot more fun than I expected. Here’s the scoop…

I first heard of it through a publicist who had emailed me (at a job that I left a week and a half ago), and although it seemed right up my alley, I didn’t want to be the jerk who talked her way into a free promo before quitting. (I only do that anonymously online, not through actual humans, thanks.) Entry to a workout (from partners like Mile High Run Club, CityRow, Kettlebell Kickboxing, Barry’s Bootcamp, Pure Barre, Flywheel Sports, etc.) cost $40 (yikes!). I later saw a Gilt City deal for a 50% discount and briefly considered it, but finally bit when I noticed a code for a free class in one of my many promo emails (thanks, Levo League).

Timing-wise, my best option was a class with Mile High Run Club (28 E 4th St), a studio that I liked more than I expected the one time I went. Frankly I hate running, but the treadmills were easy on the joints and the coaches weren’t peeping to see if you were actually running at the rate they recommended (let’s just say I have zero problem taking things at my own level).

I wasn’t sure what to expect (would MHRC transport treadmills to Spring Studios?) but the class was taught in a giant, high-ceilinged space with the rubber flooring that you see in most gyms. Zack led us—about 15 participants, including (to my surprise) a former colleague and the aforementioned publicist—in a 40-minute workout that included a warm-up, jogs of various speeds, HIIT intervals (high knees, squats, other plyometrics), and a cooldown. Weirdly, since there were no treadmills present, I actually enjoyed the workout a lot better since it focused more on conditioning for a run instead of actual running. (But I’m still curious to know whether CityRow/Flywheel/Kettlebell Kickboxing transported rowers/bikes/kettlebells: It seems like it’d be a huge pain in the ass.)

Obviously the best part was after the workout when we got a chance to walk around the giant exhibition space with all the sponsors (hello, free shit). Unfortunately I couldn’t spend too much time there (though I ran into a friend that I met at a previous Well+Good event—it’s pretty fun to see familiar faces everywhere on the NYC fitness scene), but companies like Premier Protein, Essentia, and many more were handing out swag willy-nilly (and I wish I’d knew that @theglamapp was going to be there although I felt too gross to have been able to enjoy any sort of primping) but I didn’t have time to unabashedly take fistfuls of samples.

But on my way out of the building, I got a black tote bag that contained the following:

  • A copy of the July 2015 issue of SELF (we also received small SELF towels upon arrival, plus each entry included a yearlong subscription)
  • A class credit at Mile High Run Club (for new members, boo)
  • Two class credits at Flywheel Sports (YES!)
  • A 50% discount for an HD digital download of PlyoJam (eh)
  • A 15% discount plus free shipping off a sports bra purchase from Chantelle Paris (I don’t get my wallet out for anything for less than a 30% discount)
  • A year of free access to an HD stream of Pure Barre workouts (eh)
  • A “JRS” from The Glam App (I think this means a service with a junior stylist, someone who has two to five years of experience)
  • A Bobble Sport water bottle (actually, this is kind of cool)
  • A three-pack of Tampax Pocket Pearl (sadly, I love this)
  • .34 fl oz Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask (pathetically, I had to google the shit out of this to figure out what it was)
  • An eight-pack of Starbucks Via Instant medium-roast coffee (hot coffee, but why not?)
  • A two-pack of Metamucil daily fiber supplement
  • Premier Protein chocolate-flavored shake (I’m still traumatized from tasting SlimFast in college)
  • Ocean Spray PACt (yes, PACt) cranberry extract water (this wasn’t bad)
  • Three protein bars: Premier Protein (cookies and cream), Metamucil (cinnamon oatmeal raisin), GoMacro (peanut butter chocolate chip)

Love the loot. Thanks, SELF.

Unfortunately, I undid all my hard work (and then some) by heading to Rego Park (quite possibly one of my new favorite neighborhoods) to feast on the following:

First stop: Marani Glatt (97-26 63rd Rd), where the kindly baker (is that the right word?) downstairs pointed wordlessly to the photo of khachapuri adjaruli, since she probably figured any [insert Georgian form of gringo here] who showed up was probably there to stuff their faces with that.

Khachapuri: bread, cheese, egg, butter

Khachapuri: bread, cheese, eggs, butter

Second stop: Cheburechnaya (92-09 63rd Rd), just down the street, where I was desperate to try this delicious concoction of pastry/meat/onion and justified more food since everything was so cheap:

Samsa? Samcy? Who knows, who cares, it's delicious.

Samsa? Samcy? Who knows, who cares, it’s delicious.

Manty: steamed dumplings with MEAT inside

Manty: steamed dumplings with MEAT inside

Basically, I’m obsessed with every culture’s version of a pastry filled with stuff (and, uh, I may have drunkenly purchased two empanadas the night before from my local Colombian place, after feasting for four hours on Battersby at Threes Brewing). I’m pretty ashamed, especially since I practically dragged my partner in crime (not really but sort of) to the second location. Afterward, once I got home, I also used a Delivery.com discount code (for a paltry 15%, despite what I proclaimed above), which I figured was better than eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dinner?

Today Tomorrow is a new day.


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