Brew-blooded: Cold brew at Café Grumpy

Cold brew, $3.75

Cold brew, $3.75

Okay, listen. I sort of failed this week. Due to my inability to follow directions (which I usually claim as one of the most annoying qualities in others, but hey, I’ve got it too!), I didn’t realize that the COFFEE SODA (which I was supposed to get) will not actually debut until August. I mean, it’s right there in black and white, but I was so excited to find something near Bed Bath & Beyond where I could use up one of those $5 coupons (mom-and-pop pharmacies, I kill ’em) that I didn’t pay attention. I’m the worst.

The drink? Not a coffee soda. I asked the baristas what was up, and they were like, “Oh yeah, we don’t have that yet.” Boo. Anyway I figured I had some time to kill before finding random knickknacks to reach a $15 minimum at BBB (I only really needed to restock on this $3.79 lavender and mint foot cream, which I swear by) so I chugged a cold brew. Pretty standard.

The café? Café Grumpy (224 W 20th St). I’ve never actually been to one, mostly because people lost their shit over it due to Girls and I was like, oh hell no. Apparently it’s famous for a no-laptop policy (I have no opinion on this since I never spend actual time in coffee shops anymore) and therefore does not offer wireless—which I learned courtesy of a withering sneer from the barista when I asked for a password. (I’m low on data!) Weirdly enough, there are tons of electrical sockets in the back, plus a cute garden, although I was too busy refreshing Instagram posts of greenery and cute cafés to enjoy, you know, actual greenery and cute cafés.

Yea or nay? Yea for the café (it’s a pretty quiet area), nay for the drink? The cold brew wasn’t anything special (I want a sexier, more interesting plastic cup!), though I’m admittedly biased because I was expecting a COFFEE SODA. Sigh. Shame on me, it’s my own fault (but at least my mood matched the name of the place). One day in August!


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