ClassPass: Now $125 (plus tax) instead of $99

Say it ain't so!

Say it ain’t so!

This afternoon I saw the subject line “ClassPass New York Price Change” in my inbox and had to reach for my smelling salts.

But once I got over the fact that one of my favorite services, which I’ve been using since April 2013, was announcing a 25% price increase, I had to grudgingly admit to myself that the biggest surprise of this piece of news was that it hadn’t come earlier.

When I started using ClassPass, it was called Classtivity Passport and offered 10 classes that had to be taken at 10 different places (there were maybe 30ish studios participating in NYC at the time) within 30 days for $49. A few months later, Classtivity debuted its monthly ClassPass, which offered 10 classes (up to two visits at any one studio, which was later increased to three times) for $99 per month.

Of course nearly a year later (with its studio roster exponentially increasing), the newly rebranded ClassPass dumped its Passport and offered a temporary “Unlimited Summer” promo that wound up being permanent, and by that time there were literally hundreds of participating studios in NYC (including nationwide brands like Flywheel Sports and Barry’s Bootcamp). If I’m really being honest, ClassPass in the past has actually lowered its price several times from $9.90 per class to a mere few bucks per class for high-volume users like me who use the service almost daily.

Obviously this logic didn’t stop people from freaking out on Twitter, with BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and even Jezebel weighing in. But let’s face it, guys: As long as fitness studios operate in a city with sky-high rents and charge anywhere between $30 and $45 per class, ClassPass can charge whatever the fuck it wants. It’s still the best deal in NYC for boutique fitness and it knows it. We should probably just be happy that it didn’t increase more.


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