National Ice Cream Day

Ample Hills

Ample Hills

This past Sunday (July 19) was National Ice Cream Day. I didn’t even know anything about it until I saw some hashtags on Instagram, i.e., the source of all my news. So I decided to “celebrate” (ahem, I was probably going to go anyway) by blowing my hard-earned dough on a small* at Ample Hills Creamery in Gowanus (where I plan to have my next birthday party).

Sigh, try as I may to order something else, I always get sucked in by any coffee flavor. This week’s selections were the Raw Deal (vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes and homemade brown-butter chocolate-chip cookie dough) and Coffee Toffee Coffee (Stumptown coffee ice cream with house-made coffee-infused toffee pieces) atop an M&M’s cone whose price I’m too embarrassed to mention.

Because I am a good American, the celebrations continued into Monday…

Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream

Say hello to the Monday Sundae, the most sinful of concoctions featuring twist ice cream on a Nutella-lined waffle cone with dulce de leche, sea salt, and whipped cream. A whopping $7.04 yet worth every penny—plus it was Monday yesterday so I really had to order it.

God bless pointless, marketing-based holidays!

* I was once a summer R.A. to some international students, one of whom solemnly informed me during an excursion to Richardson’s Farm in Middleton, Massachusetts, that “a small in America is a large in Japan” before whipping out her camera to document the gargantuan food portions in this nation of ours.


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