Brew-blooded: Coconut-lavender iced cappuccino at Nourish Kitchen + Table

My work schedule has been all over the place so one day when I didn’t have to get to work until a bit later, I decided to indulge a bit and check out Nourish in the Village.

Coconut-lavender iced cappuccino, $5.50

Coconut-lavender iced cappuccino, $5.50

Okay, so this might actually be the worst photo of anything ever, but I have my reasons…

The drink? The coconut-lavender iced cappuccino: pretty descriptive and according to Grub Street, it includes “coconut milk, coconut extract, lavender simple syrup, Vittoria’s espresso, lavender flower buds, and Ronnybrook milk.” As I watched the barista prepare it, I was reminded of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually when he gift-wrapped a necklace for Alan Rickman. Basically, it was a stark reminder that a lot of these fancy drinks are completely ridiculous and sometimes the most simple iced coffees are what taste best. I guess it was pretty good, but really, does anybody drink this regularly? (I repeat: lavender flower buds, which you can sort of see above.)

I also indulged in some food because I was about to go work out (hence the lockers) so this made total sense:

Blueberry scone, $3.75

Blueberry scone, $3.75

I enjoyed the scone a lot more than the beverage. Sometimes, you see something sitting around and you just want it served immediately without painstaking effort to prove that it’s a quality item worth ordering.

The café? Nourish Kitchen + Table (95 Greenwich Ave). I’d never been here before, probably since it’s in that area of the Village where it gets kind of winding and I never know where I am. There’s a bench in front of the café, and there’s some seating space between the front counter and the back kitchen, which is open.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I could stay because I pointed out to the barista that I was charged $5.50 for the beverage, even though the menu on the blackboard clearly stated that it was only $5. So the manager refunded me two quarters (I felt like a total Shylock but I wasn’t going to be cheated, dammit!) and obviously I felt like I had to get out IMMEDIATELY, which explains the above photo from the locker room.

Yea or nay? Yea for presentation, nay for pretty-to-look-at lavender (much better in theory than actual necessity). I guess if you like feeling that special care was put into your food, you’d appreciate this more than me.


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