Birthdays, etc.

I share a birthday with Google, so I get a Doodle every year

I share a birthday with Google, so I get a Doodle every year

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday. I gained five pounds over the weekend.

On Saturday, I attended a cookie-themed baby shower on the private outdoor patio of my friends’ 1BR on the LES (alas, they’re moving to a 2BR on the UWS next month) and brought along some Schmackary’s. I didn’t even try the cookies (or the Milk Bar options) because there was so many choices, including some delicious homemade lemon ones that I couldn’t stop eating. After declining to take leftovers (I’m a grown-up), I caught the last few hours of the annual Chile Pepper Festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where I forced myself to sample spicy chocolate and condiments.

Later that night, my generous and hilarious friends treated me to dinner at The Smith, where I consumed a delicious burger. But we also split the “hot potato chips” (it’s just potato chips with BLUE CHEESE) and two desserts. I had to be wheelbarrowed home. (Last night, on my actual birthday, I had another burger at Lot 2. I like burgers.)

“Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.”—Pope Francis

On Sunday, my friend L took me to brunch at Spoon after a complimentary birthday workout. I’m on the mailing list for a ton of fitness studios in NYC, and most will send you a birthday email, sometimes with a discount (yawn). But I get really excited about the few that offer you a free class: Uplift Studios, Kore New York, Swerve Fitness, and Physique 57 (Physique will even comp a friend, though I didn’t redeem this since barre’s kind of a scam).

My buddy who works at a fitness studio told me that there are some clients who change around their birthdays in their online profiles to try to win multiple birthday freebies. #rude #genius #mostlyrude

Anyway, L gifted me some awesome things I would never buy for myself, like a redemption code from Stamp with Style. Basically someone buys you a tangible stamp and you choose a design online with your return address. Unfortunately this was my favorite design:

Stamp with Style

Stamp with Style

However, I felt DISCRIMINATED against as a single person because there was no way to get rid of the THE. Sending mail from an implied nonexistent we seemed dumb and since having THE in front of my full name sounded kind of cool but really kind of stupid, I picked a different design. (Fascinating stuff.)

The supermoon was cool. The Amateur Astronomers Association set up camp all throughout the city, and I saw the eclipse at Brooklyn Bridge Park. I kept repeating the word menses.

I like using my birthday to justify buying unnecessary things, like this backpack from Everlane because owning four backpacks (including an early version of the twill snap) isn’t enough:



I’m going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in November. On a Monday. With Harry Potter fans.

I’m at work right now, snacking on Duane Reade–brand animal crackers. I bought a giant bag containing 17 servings last Thursday. I wasn’t in the office on Friday, but I’m already halfway through.

I’m obsessed with the cast recording for Hamilton. Some favorite tracks: “My Shot,” “Helpless,” “Satisfied,” “Wait for It,” “Cabinet Battle #1,” “The Room Where It Happens.” (Honestly the whole damn thing is amazing. I bought it on iTunes but am listening to it on Spotify at work. Find the lyrics here.)

Today is my mom’s 18th deathday. That’s a voting adult who can enroll in the armed forces! Famous people who also died on September 28, according to Wikipedia, include Herman Melville, Louis Pasteur, Pope John Paul I, and Elia Kazan. Fellow cool people who died of pancreatic cancer include Patrick Swayze, Steve Jobs, and Mindy Kaling’s mother. #proud


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