I do what I want

This afternoon, I was chatting with a good friend of 15 years (omg). While this wonderful, intelligent MBA parent of two is still working in the city, she’d hightailed it to the ‘burbs a few years ago with her equally wonderful and intelligent spouse. I hadn’t talked to her for a while and she mentioned:

i’m like in a weird place right now w feeling old and burnt out… do you ever get the feeling like .. omg my life could be exactly the same for the next 30 years??

I responded:
For the record, I think her life is great for her. But not for me. Like, I agreed to stop by my colleague’s place over the weekend to feed his 16-year-old cat and I’m already nervous. That’s the most amount of responsibility for another living thing I’ve had in ages, maybe ever. #stressed
Posted in: NYC

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