Shoes, hoodies, male gaze, ice cream

Blog post on ruined suede shoes TK

Blog post on ruined suede shoes TK

I’m obsessed with my new HOBES boat shoes, which I’m wearing for the first time today. It was somewhat of an impulse buy but omg COMFORTABLE. I didn’t wear them for a few days because I was thinking of preemptively soling them but it’s too much of a hassle (i.e., I’m lazy and cheap) so…yeah.

So I wore a trench outside yesterday, which was a very stupid idea. Despite it still being mid-October, the temp was 44 degrees and I swear that the AC was still blasting in my office. I strode over to Uniqlo to pick up one of these bad boys since my office sweater wasn’t cutting it:



I texted my friend (who has the same hoodie) a photo of me in my new purchase but I accidentally sent the pic to a real-estate agent whom I met once to see a listing and never spoke with again. I thought I’d deleted it in time but he responded, “?”


There’s a guy who works on my floor who consistently walks by with flimsy excuses to talk to me. Except he’s not really talking to me; he just says things like, “Keep up the good work” (I’m pretty sure he has no idea what I do) or “Sure you don’t need any help?” like he’s going to help my department make our deadline. There is zero reason for this man to ever speak to me and those are literally the only two statements he ever utters. I don’t know his name and I’m not even sure what department he’s in. But it’s total MALE GAZE bullshit and I don’t like it. (Unfortunately, society has taught me to be a polite lady so I just do a fake-polite smile, which is not dissuading him from returning.)

On Saturday, I attended the Well+Good 2015 Fitness Biathlon. It was my first time but the event has grown exponentially from even just last year. It was a little disorganized but still really fun and I ate a ton of GLUTEN-FREE beef jerky.

After I ate a full dinner last night (sautéed spinach and an omelet with the random shit in my fridge), I ate this:

Heaven in a pint

Heaven in a pint

This post was not chronological at all.


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