Comfort women

So I was reading about how two bronze statues were unveiled yesterday in a park in Seoul. They’re meant to represent the many “comfort women,” aka SEX SLAVES, who were lured into SEXUAL SLAVERY for Japanese soldiers during World War II.

I know this is a serious subject but I sort of giggled at this:

“Koreans and Chinese resisted together like brothers against Japanese aggressions,” Leo Shi Young, a Chinese-American filmmaker from San Francisco, said during a dedication ceremony on Wednesday.

Like, there’s literally no better way to band together Asian countries than for them to unite against Japanese wartime atrocities. (For the record, I don’t believe in punishing any sons for the sins of their fathers.)

Anyway, photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon spoke with a bunch of these former comfort women SEX SLAVES in South Korea and China for Reuters. Pretty amazing stuff but I can’t stop looking at this photo in particular:

Kim Kyung-Hoon—Reuters

Kim Kyung-Hoon—Reuters

Horrific. The end. Oprah said that if you’re a woman born in the United States, you are one lucky son of a bitch. AND SHE WAS RIGHT.


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