Roxane Gay: Bad Feminist


I just finished Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, one of those books that I saw everybody reading a few years ago but never picked up myself. I don’t have anything more to add to the conversation except to say that I loved it. Will you? I mean, do you enjoy books that reference Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, encourage you to confront your RACE and GENDER prejudices, and terrify you into ever birthing a child because he or she will wind up on some end of RAPE? If so, yeah, you’ll probably laugh out loud and feel shame too.

Roxane Gay writes eloquently and interestingly on including but not limited to Girls, the Sweet Valley High book series and its atrocious sequel Sweet Valley Confidential, reality programming on Bravo and VH1, Gone Girl, Junot Díaz, Beverly Hills 90210General Hospital, the Hunger Games trilogy, Law & Order, Chris Brown, Twilight and Fifty ShadesThe HelpDjango Unchained12 Years a Slave, Tyler Perry, Fruitvale StationOrange Is the New Black, Twitter, Trayvon Martin, Louis C.K., Sheryl Sandberg.

Bye, I’m heading to the library for everything she’s written and drowning in her social media.



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