Customer service, etc.

Last night, I received my most recent box from HelloFresh. If you’re not familiar, it’s one of those meal-prep kits (à la Blue Apron) geared toward people with too much discretionary income who can’t be bothered to buy food in a store.

I don’t get regular deliveries ($69 for six servings? NO THANKS), but if you continuously cancel your subscription, they’ll lure you back with a $25 discount every other month or so (maybe less frequently, I don’t remember). Unfortunately the chicken in yesterday’s box came delivered like this:


Gross, right? So obviously I sent them the above photo, and a really nice rep promptly replied with an apology and a note that they credited $33 to my account. Of course I’d already CANCELED my subscription by then, but maybe next time I’ll get that plus the regular $25 off? (And let’s be real: I used that chicken anyway. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT.)

Speaking of which, the customer service at Everlane is seriously UNPARALLELED. In April, I purchased a pair of the women’s slingback sandals, which I started wearing in May. About a week after I started wearing them, the snap enclosure broke on the left shoe:


I contacted Everlane, and that same day, a rep put in a replacement order, which was shipped before I even returned the original pair. But seriously a week or two after I started wearing the replacement pair, this happened on the right sandal:


I mean, I definitely should’ve learned my lesson (F me once, shame on you; F me twice, shame on me) but it’s impossible for me to find shoes that I like, and they sent me a third pair anyway (I should’ve kept the first since it was the opposite shoe).

In conclusion, bravo, Everlane, you’ve won my loyalty forever (and now I just slip my feet in and out).


  • I’m obsessed with the podcast 2 Dope Queens, which I started listening to yesterday. I look like an insane person on my morning commute because I’m literally holding my stomach. Major LOL.
  • I was watching part of the Republic National Convention on CNN today in the office, and I was HORRIFIED to see at least two Asian ladies (and one Asian guy somewhere) front and center. Like, WHY? Republicans hate you too! AND THEN THEY CAME FOR ME, you know? We get so little representation and the camera guys at CNN are zooming in on us at the RNC? Zoom in on the Second Amendment zealots!
  • As I’m walking into work, this guy who’s a good 30 feet in front of me entered the building, glanced up and saw me, and dutifully held the door open—until I made a little “scamper off” hand motion to let him know that he gets the chivalry points and to please go ahead. ‘Cause I’m not rushing but thanks anyway.

Waiting for your laundry to dry late at night is the worst. I need a wife.


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