Dorothy Height

I was at the post office this morning and needed some stamps. (, I know, Dan Savage!) The cashier actually asked me what kind I wanted, which I’m never asked.

I spotted a lady of color and immediately asked, “Who’s that?” and the cashier replied, “Oh, Dorothy Height! She was involved with civil rights and marched with Dr. King.” He didn’t need to sell me on her because I was going to buy the stamps anyway (hello, lady of color!), but I later (in a cursory Google search) saw that she was not allowed to speak at the March on Washington (because #WOMAN) but fought for reproductive rights (because #WOMAN).

Ugh, my knowledge of U.S. history is shameful. (Yes, I was a history major.)

Anyway, I think these stamps put me in a very purpley mood because this was my dinner:

TBH, I feel pretty sick right now.


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